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Computax Accounting: Get to Know Us Better
Serving Small to Medium Sized Business, Entrepreneurs, Families

Hello, my name is Shula Reichard and I'm the owner of Computax Accounting Centre of Toronto. Thank you for choosing to get to know us better. Here's a little history of how we got started and who we are today.

Back in the 1980's, I worked for a CA in mid-town Toronto (the building was at 2828 Bathurst St). It was a wonderful working experience for me and I grew a lot as an accountant. Over the years I became close friends with a fellow colleague, a bookkeeper by the name of Ibe. After a couple of years she went off to open a new business with her family in another field but we remained close and our friendship grew.

I continued working for the CA and within a couple of years I started to feel the need to branch out, to grow and to do my own thing - providing personal service and support to growing businesses who needed someone they could trust and depend on.

I mentioned this to Ibe and she was the first to say "You need to do this and I want to help you - can I be a part of it?" She believed in me and gave me the boost of confidence I needed to make it happen. By 1989 we opened Computax - back in the same building at 2828 Bathurst. It was a rich, exciting and personally rewarding experience.

We were off to a great start - she had a wonderful way with people (everyone loved her) and an extremely large network of friends and contacts who became our first clients. Some of them are still with us to this day. There was a lot of buzz and the energy we created together fostered a thriving business. Then, in 1993, Ibe took ill and could no longer work the way she used to. Within a year, she had passed away. Through the sadness I persevered and continued our mission. I still miss her though and keep in touch with her children.

Over the years, Computax has grown and become an important part of our clients' businesses. At the inception of our firm our vision was that "Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who do not need or cannot afford full-time in-house service should be able to outsource experienced, well-trained accounting and bookkeeping professionals on a part-time, as-needed basis." I believe that our clients will tell you we've done just that.

Today, we have 2 full time employees who you will get to know (Orit and Nancy), a network of trusted specialists we can depend on in other business areas (e.g. Tax Law, Business Law, Marketing, Coaching, etc) and we're still growing - soon another accountant will be added to our complement to help continue our mission: to provide professional accounting and bookkeeping services treating our clients personally and not just as a business or another set of books.

Thank you for reading this - I hope we get to meet and work together one day.


Shula Reichard
Computax Accounting Centre

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